Die Firma Evonik zeigt zur bauma 2019 auf der Messe München Nuflux vor. Bei Nuflux handelt es sich um eine synthetische Basisflüssigkeit, das es Industriegetriebeölen ermöglicht Dichtungen zu schützen. Das wirkt sich direkt auf die Haltbarkeit und auf die Lebensdauer des Öls und der Geräte. Mehr dazu im Video!

NUFLUX technology is based on a special base oil system. Evonik has developed a synthetic base fluid that offers a well balance polarity. And therefore enables industrial gear oils to protect seals and keep the addivitves in solution. Two very important parameters that have a direct impact on the durability and lifetime of the oil and the equipment.

Evonik NUFLUX Technology Dr Thomas Schimmel

Evonik NUFLUX Technology bauma 2019 Munich

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important in that industry. The improvements of Evonik help to increase efficency also point towards sustainability because higher efficency means reducing fuel consumption in the equipment. Reduce calm dioxide emissions and thanks to a longer oil drail. Evonik enables with NUFLUX technologies, also reduce waist oil disposal.

Evonik is a leader in the field of additive technologies and base oil technologies for lubricants. Evonik has a large number of customer and clients in the industry. More and more companies trust the technologies.